The book cover


A fantastic and popular fold; in her book 'Dame Edna's Coffee Table Book', the Australian superstar housewife Dame Edna Everage alleges this fold is what inspired the architect of Sydney Opera House.


Such a smart ook for a corporate event or a school reunion. Takes a real tie: can be alternated with the Negligée fold using a silk scarf.

Italian fold

An excellent fold for hotel restaurants – quick and simple. Looks elegant holding a place card at formal functions.


A really effective fold – great for kids – that is quite simple to make. Best to leave the napkin unstarched for the perfect ragdoll look.


The curve of this fold is reminiscent of an Arabian sailing boat – a dhow. The same shape inspired the world famous Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Dubai.


A sexy fold for a special occasion: perfect for a hot and spicy dinner a deux. One napkin is cleverly folded to resemble two dancers locked in a smouldering embrace.


Highly attractive on a buffet table as well as for a normal place setting; this narrow fold is a variation on the Cornetto design. The sconce will hold a fork or a pair of chopsticks.

Evening cape

The evening cape would look equally stunning in black or scarlet linen. You could alternate this fold with Luigi's Tuxedo (shown on the home page - link opposite) for formal dinners, giving place settings for men and women.


Luigi shows you folds for red wine (shown here) and for white wine and champagne